No Pain No Gain ; Dream the Cream


What A fascinating team.

Energy, Passion, Creativity, Being Bold and Teamwork. The best I’ve seen over two decades. Took me back 22 years in my days at Hewlett-Packard.

  • The setting – Annual Channel Partner Conference @ Bali.
  • The stage – Team building event on the Class 2 Rapids of River Ayung.

Our Partners who make things happen in the front end – day in , day out. Dedicated, Devoted. Our enterprising Channel Managers – driving to Win-Win always and the wider organisation stalwarts who enable the team.

5 rafts, 24 people, 1 hour hike, 2 hour of twists, turns, drops, splashes, laughter, cries for help , yahoos, wows, oh nos and what nots down the river …. The makings of a greater team than what I knew.

Few lessons they taught me –

Lesson 1 : No Pain . No Gain

As each raft slid into the water, 1-2, 1-2 ….1-2 ! rent the air, the “technicality” of partnering , rowing in tandemness came to light quickly.

Every organisation has the engineering mindset which focusses on the Now and How. We understand what makes them tick, their pain point, the technicality that needs to be solved so their lives are better day-day. I call this removing the “Fear of Failure”. The exploitation journey.

Thus in the sales process, it is key that we ask relevant questions in understanding pain points, impact, value realisation the engineer needs. Removing obstacles and making his/her life “fear free”.

Ask Relevant Questions , Listen and Learn the environment, pain points, Love what you do and establish your Voice and let them realise the Value.

Lesson 2 : Dream the Cream

Then the eager bunch who were looking forward to the excitement in the next turn, drop , splash or the unknown factor in the journey. One person said “ Boom Boom “ (meant a drop is coming up , lie flat), rest shouted “Boom Boom” , Boom Boom”. More chatter… “ Wow man, I can’t wait to see whats up ahead – crocodiles ?, 7 m drop ? gold ….”

So here are the minds who focus on There and When. What makes them tick ? “The Fear of Missing Out”. The exploration journey.

When we look at CXO levels and what is needed to connect here, it’s the promise of a dream, vision. Dreaming the cream.

Ask Relevant Questions and mimic the dream they dream …. Listen, Love the dream and paint it with them. Earn your seat at the table . The first call when they need relevant trusted advise, should be to you.

Here is the video – Trust you will share the joy we all went thru.

Team, you are one helluva team. Keep the mojo going!

L3V2 | Listen, Learn, Love, Voice + Value

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