Best Wishes: To be the Best, Yet.

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2023 closes out in a few hours.  I wish one and all to Be the Best at what you do.

Why? What prompted this? 

Reflection and Enlightenment. A string of thankful experiences. One such at work, and a couple more ensued during the holiday break. 

At work, my passion, we experienced a strange and exhausting situation with us failing to close an expected and committed large business. 100s of man hours, expended over the final 3 weeks, applying all the coverage, textbook and experience rules of engagement. Decades of collective leadership experience applied. Yet, it was not to be. Why?

We may yet have a few lessons to learn. And so for even the most resilient, dogged rainmakers. Not the best, yet.

During the holiday break and at a small town, with a population of  about 40,000, I am out and about looking for a pair of footwear. All advise, literally half a dozen unanimous voices led to a particular store. A couple of probing questions, and out came over 2 dozen pairs for me to try. Open style, closed style, leather, resin, rubber and so on and so forth. I selected a pair, and reflected on why he was the best business in town.

  • Range /variety and the way of uncovering one’s need. The buyer, on occasions and circumstances and persona wise maybe unsure of his need. A process of discovery.  I hardly ever see 2 or 3 pairs placed before me, and mostly after I have identified a specific model or two. In Singapore that’s definitely the case!

The next one is about a fruit seller. Two roadside vendors , a few strides apart.  A one-way street from left to the right. I am advised to buy from the one on the right, factoring religious sentiments and whilst doing good for a community. So I go there first, yet I was curious to see why not the one on the left. He certainly looked to have much more on display. In weighing both options, I bought from the one on the left , and so contrary to the advise given. 

  • His passion for the trade, options with pricing and quality outweighed those from the other guy. He took his trade seriously, and spoke with pride. The other guy had God’s pictures around, and had no drive. 

Towards being the best, yet:

  1. Many Clients may not know what they truly need. It’s your role as a provider, to unearth that need, and in using judgment thru your process/steps to get there.  To be the best yet, helping uncover needs is a basic role and the process to get to the end point could mean different strokes for different folks.
  • Love what you do. This applies to any trade. Selling footwear as a profession is looked down upon amongst the larger population here. Yet, everyone needs footwear! It doesn’t take much for the one who loves his trade to do it with such pride, and be the best yet
  • Hyper Focus. Growth Mindset. Dedication, passionate and focussed work that provides the joy of learning and always improving. Allowing room for recognising mistakes, room for improvement.

Best Wishes to one and all. May 2024 be the best year yet, and may you strive to be the best, yet!

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