• Transforming the Lives of African Farmers through Cloud

    Profound change is sweeping across the grasslands and vast expanses of the East African savanna. Here, amid the verdant valleys and hillsides rippling through this sea of grass, small farmers have struggled to eke out a living from the sunbaked soils. But now, with the help of an ecosystem powered by cloud technology, new hope and opportunity are coming to one of the poorest regions on earth. It’s an alliance that ...

  • IBM has created a computer smaller than a grain of salt

    IBM has made a computer which is smaller than a grain of salt, and the miniature marvel will be unveiled later today at the firm’s Think 2018 conference. The tiny computer bristles with several hundred thousand transistors and measures approximately 1mm squared, and has the computing power of an x86 chip from back in 1990... Here is the article - Techradar

  • The Future of Driverless Vehicles

    Effrey Miller, IEEE member and associate professor of engineering practice at the University of Southern California, contributed this article to Live Science’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Three years ago, Nissan was the first car manufacturer to announce they would have driverless vehicles ready for consumer adoption by the year 2020. While consumers, and even some experts in the field, noted that this was an aggressive timeline, it didn’t seem like ...

  • WalkCar vehicle turns a laptop cover into a magic carpet ride

    While Lexus teases us with hard to obtain hoverboards, a more practical kind of futuristic skateboard has been unveiled by an inventor in Japan: the WalkCar. About the size and shape of a standard laptop computer, the electric mobility device moves like a Segway by changing direction in response to your shifting weight, and can easily fit inside of a backpack or briefcase. ..... Read More