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Profound change is sweeping across the grasslands and vast expanses of the East African...

IBM has made a computer which is smaller than a grain of salt, and...

Effrey Miller, IEEE member and associate professor of engineering practice at the University of...

Best Wishes: To be the Best,...

2023 closes out in a few hours.  I wish one and all to Be the Best at what you do.

Why? What prompted this? 

Reflection and Enlightenment. A string of thankful experiences. One such at work, and a couple more ensued during the… Continue Reading

Who Matters?
What Matters?

Rajesh Rao

People. Growth. Transformation. Enabling realisation of Value.

Areas that I love, and areas that I have thrived in over  years of my professional journey. This blog is to share some of the leadership experiences on this journey.  What inspired me to come up with this blog site was to keep my motivation going with true life experiences, and in connecting the dots with simple things, and thus the theme – “How Things Work”. 

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