Celio Teramae

Profession Sales

DesignationAccount Executive

Work PlaceViavi Solutions

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Based in Tokyo, moved out of Brazil… he brought that zeal, that hunger to succeed. A bit of extra zeal and flair from his Brazilian upbringing while respecting the Japanese traditionality.

I have seen Celio grow his skills over time and his successes that kept mounting over his career as a pre-sales super start to sales in one domain to another to another. Leading him to be the TOP PERFORMER in the region.

His style –

” Emotionally charged, laced with determination and a problem solving outlook. Deep in technicality but rich in adapting to what applies be it technical or interpersonal. “

His words –

My motivation for work and life has always been and will be MONEY to guarantee health for my FAMILY. I have 2 steps in life dream – becoming a father of 2 kids during my twenties, and becoming a young grandfather to play soccer and tennis with my grandchildren, just like my grandpa was to me.

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