Less is More. Measure and Scale.

Monsoons, are generally dull and boring. I had to keep seeing the beauty in things, the beauty in nature that surrounded me, as I hopped, skipped and splotched along the puddled, graveled road. My morning walk during my holiday break, in a remote town in India. 


The sky, a giant canvas that blotted grey ink in twenty shades, the trees swaying like the fans meant for Gods. As the morning light peeped in and out, the vastness of the paddy fields, foliage and sounds of the birds, a perfect pantomime that swathed another 20 shades of green. And as though that wasn’t enough, the small town that this was, was peppered with color that even the Gods would be blinded by.


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Lessons at Lunch. Age no bar.

A wisp of smoke curled thru the dense air outside a coffee shop on Orchard’s. I poked at it while listening to a friend of mine, a partner in a leading consulting firm. These sessions are invaluable for me. I usually come out validating some of my work thus pressing onwards, or realizing things need to change. He had rich experiences with M&A and enabling growth strategies.

Rajesh, we grow in any area – be it quality of life at home or business accomplishments or anything else, we listen and then learn what sticks…

those two words right there had my fingers snap at the smoke, planting a grin as wide as a cricket pitch. So, I probed and listened. Somewhere, maybe somewhere he read about the culture my team and I had birthed.

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No Pain No Gain ; Dream the Cream


What A fascinating team.

Energy, Passion, Creativity, Being Bold and Teamwork. The best I’ve seen over two decades. Took me back 22 years in my days at Hewlett-Packard.

  • The setting – Annual Channel Partner Conference @ Bali.
  • The stage – Team building event on the Class 2 Rapids of River Ayung.

Our Partners who make things happen in the front end – day in , day out. Dedicated, Devoted. Our enterprising Channel Managers – driving to Win-Win always and the wider organisation stalwarts who enable the team.

5 rafts, 24 people, 1 hour hike, 2 hour of twists, turns, drops, splashes, laughter, cries for help , yahoos, wows, oh nos and what nots down the river …. The makings of a greater team than what I knew.

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