Part II: Across The 7 C’s and Beyond

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Smart sales people are always in control. Control of a meeting, the process steps, communications….every aspect of the sales process. You read about the attributes pertaining to “Confidence” in the first part. Control and Confidence feed into each other.


Most People do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.  – Stephen Covey

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Part I:: Across The 7C’s and Beyond…

Ever wondered why you go back, again and again to the same store, doctor, restaurant….is it the variety , the taste, the convenience, the person ? Likely, any or all of the above.


Fundamentally though it’s People behind everything. Whatever attracts you comes from the chemistry of people behind or in the front.  In that lies the mystery and art of selling.


When I was 11 and every year thereafter, during my school’s summer breaks , I would immerse myself watching, participating and learning from my grand father and uncle who ran a regional distribution and retailing business of cigarettes , biscuits , chocolates etc., Saturday was the local town market day.  The shop would be packed and people would jostle for space.  My uncle would know most Customers by name. He would recite it in a particular tone/slang – different for different people, crack a joke or ask some relevant question that put a smile on the Customer’s face and got them talking….lighten the mood.

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