Trench Stories from All Time Winners – I


A colleague during our informal talk session, beaming with pride blurted – “My son got into KPMG”. “Congratulations” I chimed in. With pride he shared how it happened. 

His son had a job offer in hand from a Big 4 Accounting firm, and then there he was interviewing with another preferred Big 4 firm. The offer on hand was expiring the next day. Just as he finished his interview, he explained the situation to the interviewer, and asked when they could make an offer as he preferred this firm over the competing firm’s offer in hand. The rest of his interviews that were not scheduled got fast tracked the same day, and he was signed up the next day.


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Emotion Sells. Money Smells.

A wailing child clings on to his father’s arm, and is dragged along into a wholesale store. The man’s routine to buy his weekly stock. Early 1980’s. The store owner reaches into a 2 feet glass jar of orange candies, grabs a handful and cups them into the child’s tiny palms. There was glee all around – Father, Child and Store Owner. Win! Win! Win! A gesture since trade started I bet. Now termed “Emotional Insights/Intelligence”.

At that tender age, I did not realise the sales element in this. But, it came handy decades later.

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