Train Your Dragon. Build a Growth Business

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Seen the movie “How to Train your Dragon”? I trained mine 35 years ago – a garden lizard. Being a curious little boy, I wondered how I was going to capture this majestic creature as it perked it’s handsome head up and gulped.  Armed with a stick and a makeshift lasso, my mom’s sewing thread, I waited patiently in the garden with my brother till one peeked out from beneath a tuft of grass. Stealthily sliding the lasso over it’s little head, followed closely by a subtle yank, the little dragon was mine.  Of course, no disrespect to animal lovers for I am one.  This crude method, as simple as it sounds, came from a curiosity little boy with the thrill of a ride, amongst resolve, instinct, innovation, practice and collaboration.

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2016 & Beyond. In My Lifetime….

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2016 ++ and the ever-changing world around me. Happy New Y’era!

The great invention of the light bulb, the aeroplane and the internet have left us peeking over into the edge of tomorrow saying, “What’s Next ?” 


Star Wars – The Force Awakens” was easily 2015’s greatest parting gift and stepping stone into the future; the embodiment of George Lucas’s dream world, a world of robots, droids, lightsabers, stealth, teleportation that sprung about in 1977. That period marked the time I watched in amazement as I turned the head of a battery operated aluminium torch to see it light up, my light saber. I was barely eight when I was gifted my first mechanical toy from an aunt who had just returned from United States – a 3 inch mechanical toy with a winding screw that walked a foot before toppling over.


Today George’s vision of the future is a reality on many fronts with robots as receptionists, vacuum cleaners, home companions, and it hardly stops there. His cloudy city mirrors that of ours, with our telecoms industry rapidly progressing towards a hyperviser based virtualised world.

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