Part I:: Across The 7C’s and Beyond…

Ever wondered why you go back, again and again to the same store, doctor, restaurant….is it the variety , the taste, the convenience, the person ? Likely, any or all of the above.


Fundamentally though it’s People behind everything. Whatever attracts you comes from the chemistry of people behind or in the front.  In that lies the mystery and art of selling.


When I was 11 and every year thereafter, during my school’s summer breaks , I would immerse myself watching, participating and learning from my grand father and uncle who ran a regional distribution and retailing business of cigarettes , biscuits , chocolates etc., Saturday was the local town market day.  The shop would be packed and people would jostle for space.  My uncle would know most Customers by name. He would recite it in a particular tone/slang – different for different people, crack a joke or ask some relevant question that put a smile on the Customer’s face and got them talking….lighten the mood.

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Robots & Humans; Uberification & 5G

Talking Mirrors , Singing Toothbrushes, Holographic Performances…

 … Pepper the robot launched by Softbank, Japan. Pepper is capable of  reading emotions.  A  1000 units sold out in 60 seconds ! 


5G in the world of telecommunications isn’t too far away. We were in South Korea recently and it’s amazing to see how they are already talking about the next G connectivity fabric – Connecting Everything and Anything – and how they will bring it to life at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.  

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Curiosity killed the Cat

…Age old proverb. The earliest known printed reference to a variation of this proverb was on 23rd December 1912, found in The Titusville Herald newspaper. It read as…You will find greater values here. We are told:  Curiosity killed the cat, But satisfaction brought it back ….”

What does it really mean? Here’s my take – Curiosity (What + How) can get me into a lot of trouble, but if I search for an answer (Why), the satisfaction in the answer (Where + When) overrides the trouble I went thru. After all a Cat has 9 lives does it not?  Randomness is fine, but relevance matters in curiosity.

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No Pain No Gain ; Dream the Cream


What A fascinating team.

Energy, Passion, Creativity, Being Bold and Teamwork. The best I’ve seen over two decades. Took me back 22 years in my days at Hewlett-Packard.

  • The setting – Annual Channel Partner Conference @ Bali.
  • The stage – Team building event on the Class 2 Rapids of River Ayung.

Our Partners who make things happen in the front end – day in , day out. Dedicated, Devoted. Our enterprising Channel Managers – driving to Win-Win always and the wider organisation stalwarts who enable the team.

5 rafts, 24 people, 1 hour hike, 2 hour of twists, turns, drops, splashes, laughter, cries for help , yahoos, wows, oh nos and what nots down the river …. The makings of a greater team than what I knew.

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